Max Butz


My Final Blog…

It was a rough passage traveling from Thursday Island to Darwin, and after lots of seasickness medicine, we made it. When we got there, we had to go through a Panama Canal style lock to get into the Cullen Bay Marina. Our first night we celebrated our six nights at sea with yummy Indian food. All the time we spent in Darwin was at their wave pool. In total, we went 4 times, and we did that because we figured out how to take our boards to the back of the pool and ride the wave all the way to the shore. It was very fun, and we taught ourselves 360’s. After a few days in Darwin, we went on an adventure at Bamurru Plains. It was entertaining and was sort of like camping except we were in a massive tent with hot showers. They had delicious food and also free sodas. My favorite part is that when you wake up, it feels like you are in an episode of planet earth.

Overall, The trip has been very fun, but I am more excited to get home. I wish I had stayed home because I would have much rather done eighth grade because I don’t have any friends on the boat. My favorite activity was bungy jumping from triple the height of my last one. My favorite food was the Indian at the marina in Fiji and meat pies. And my favorite person was coconut Doug that gave us tasty roasted coconut flakes that ‘hit the back of the net.’    This trip has been good, and I will remember it for the rest of my life.


3rd Australia Blog

Since Gladstone, We have traveled up the coast of Australia and have reached the very top part of Cape York, and we have made many stops along the way. Our first stop after Gladstone was Hamilton Island where we stayed at the only marina. We were given free access to the resort as part of the marina’s amenities, and so we went to the pool a lot. We did not swim on the beach because there are sharks, jellyfish, and saltwater crocodiles. My favorite thing on Hamilton Island was having breakfast with koalas. We got to have a buffet breakfast, and our table was situated next to koalas. We also had parrots that came to our table and drank our juice right out of our cups.

After we provisioned on Hamilton Island, we set sail for Cairns. Being at sea is very dull but finally, Mom and Dad loosened up the screen laws, and we are allowed more TV and a bit more screen. We arrived in Cairns in the morning and stayed at the marina there. We explored the town and even found a cool board game shop called The Wicked Goblin that we stopped in a few times. That night we went to the movie theater to watch Pacific Rim 2, but unfortunately for me, it had left the theater. Instead, we kids watched Infinity War, and our parents watched A Quiet Place. The next day from 8 am to 4 pm we went on a snorkeling boat and traveled out to the Great Barrier Reef. The reason we went on a different ship to the reef was that we needed permits that we did not have. Anyway, It was fun snorkeling, going on a glass bottom boat, and I got to scuba dive twice!  We saw turtles, rays, and tons of multicolored coral. The trip was excellent but the only thing I was disappointed about was that I did not see a shark.

After Cairns, it got boring again, but we did make our way up the coast, and we are now on Thursday Island and Horn Island and are preparing to go to Darwin.

2nd Australia Blog

We have been in Australia for 3 weeks now and we only have 4 more weeks to go until we come back home. We have been to a few different places since the Gold Coast such as Brisbane, Couran Cove Resort, Lady Musgrave Island, and now we are in Gladstone. My favorite thing that our family has done in Australia (Besides the theme parks) was playing on the sand surfing hills in Tangalooma. There were these giant sand dunes that were very tall and very steep. Even in the pictures we took it looked a lot shorter than it really was. We would climb up halfway the hill (not all the way because mom was worried) and then we would sled down the hill. It was a lot of fun but at the bottom there were bumps of sand from cars passing by after getting off the ferry so when you went down you got sand in your eyes or you were thrown off your board. It did not matter though because the ride was fun. Sara, Sam, and I climbed the hill without our boards and ran/jumped down.

My other favorite thing was the virtual reality lab at Couran Cove Resort. There you could pay $5 for a session using their cool stuff and other games as well. We got in for free because we won family movie trivia in 3rd place and our prize was a trip there. It was very fun and my favorite thing was the football simulator. You threw the football at a screen and a fake football traveled in the direction you threw on the screen and hit a wide receiver. Australia has been fun except that soon we will not be able to swim because of danger in the water.


After a long stay in New Zealand we are now back on the boat and we will stay on the boat until the glorious day of May 22 when we fly home. It got boring in New Zealand because we were stuck in the house every day from breakfast to dinner doing our CTY courses and therefore we could not do anything fun unless it was Sunday, after dinner or friends came to visit us!

Now we have been in Australia for a few days and we have been having our ‘Spring Break’ where we get to sit around all morning and play Fortnite, go to beaches, and go to amusement parks. There are two amusement parks that we have gone to, Movie World and Dream World and they both are different. Dream World had a huge cement tower in the middle of it called the Tower of Terror (even though the ride that used the TOT was called the giant drop). There was one good rollercoaster there and the rest were rides that operated in a smaller space (like the giant claw). The good thing about Dream World was the waterpark attached to it and even though it was small it was more fun then the dry park part of it. Movie World was Hollywood themed and all of the rides were massive roller coasters and they were all fun. all the rides were based off of DC comic book characters and the ride workers wore costumes that related to their characters. My personal favorite was the Superman Escape. It was the fastest ride and also the most fun.

Overall I vote that Movie World is better because all the rides were giant coasters. Our break has been fun but now it is time for boat school to start back up again and to explore the coast of Australia on Alyosha.


February, New Zealand

We are now coming up on 100 days until our trip ends. It is more than ⅔ of our journey that has been completed, and we have 50 days until our New Zealand summer is finished. The trip has been enjoyable, but I want to go back home because it gets boring without friends.

Settling in a different country rather than continually moving our boat has been helpful. I am not seasick, and everyone in the family can get away from each other. We have sort of a routine, and more importantly, I can shower whenever I want. This summer in New Zealand has been great except the fact that we have to sit around on school mornings instead of doing fun things. In the mornings we have to do school, and since we were off to a slow start, we are racing to finish our programs which means some days we don’t do anything at all. School is very annoying here, and it is also boring for Mom and Dad.  We still do lots of things anyway, and I can’t wait to go bungy jumping a second time on my birthday. The difference is that this time it will be from 3x as high and instead of being on Kawarau Bridge it is over a canyon. The first bungee jump I had was very fun, and as soon as I finished, I wanted to do it again. Hopefully this time it will be better because I am doing it from 134 meters (440 feet)!

I will never forget Shotover Jet here because I love the adrenaline. I am a five-time veteran of Shotover Jet and want to go one more time before we leave. Queenstown is different from home, and one of the main reasons is that there are no tall buildings because someone doesn’t allow it. Even though Queenstown it is very popular it still looks more like a town than a city.

I wish we didn’t have to go back on the boat and that we could stay here until the end of our trip but we have to sail. I want to stay because there are a lot more things to do and I don’t get seasick on land. Queenstown is the best place in New Zealand, and I hope to come back one day after this trip is over.

New Zealand

So far we have been in New Zealand for a month, and it is fantastic. Every day we do a couple of hours of physical exercise, and we get a 1:1 ratio of activity to screen which is good. The best thing we have done so far is downhill mountain biking. On Tuesdays Sara and mom go to the ice rick in Gore, and we get to go to the Skyline Gondola. At the gondola, we get to ride up and go mountain biking back down. The view at the top of the gondola is amazing and you can see the entire city of Queenstown. At the top of the gondola there are shops as well as bungy jumping a luging. There are about 12 different The trails were hard at first but now some of them are easier. There are lots of banks on the trail that slow down your speed. We are not that good and we stick to beginner and intermediate trails;  these are still very hard. We do not have the proper bikes to go downhill (they cost 5,000 to 10,000 dollars), instead we have trail bikes. However, it is still fun and epic. We do about 3-4 runs Tuesday afternoon after our school. We are very exhausted after we bike and we rest and play Xbox. It is a fun day for us.


New Caledonia

We arrived at the northern part of the Isle of Pines on Tuesday. It was very cloudy the first day we went there and even though we did fun things, it was not sunny. We explored a tunnel between two islands and me and Sam paddle boarded to a beach that had white sand and clear water. We snorkeled off the beach the next day and it had good snorkeling. Some of the beach was like quicksand and it sunk as you walked over it. Also that day we set off fireworks at a bonfire with another boat. It was the first time I ever set off fireworks and it was fun. The next day it was sunny so we jumped off the boat, went to a different beach, sent off more fire works and saw coral shelves. The coral shelves were very cool and had lots of neon colors. The water on the Isle of Pines is crystal clear and fairly shallow. There are two beaches that we went too and both were awesome. Dad took cool drone footage of the place and soon we will make a video to show it. The Isle of Pines is a great place for any boat.



We have just left Vanuatu and now we are at sea. While we were in Vanuatu, we saw lots of interesting things. The island of Tanna, where we visited in Vanuatu was one of the most primitive places we have been. We arrived in Vanuatu on Thursday and Dad checked us into the country. The next day was a long day and it started with us waking up very early and getting in the back of a pickup truck. We drove for two ours and it was an uncomfortable and bumpy ride even though I stood up. We finally got to the town of Lenekel and got bananas at a local market. We went to a resort to get money to pay for the volcano. We took another ride to the volcano except this time it was in a truck with cushions. We hiked to the top where the crater was and we saw lava. We heard explosions and they sounded like bombs were being dropped on us. Every time it erupted chunks of lava flew out of the volcano and slowly fell towards the ground. It was like the chunks of lava were on the moon with low gravity. It was very cool. My favorite part of Vanuatu was the volcano and the explosions. Overall, Vanuatu is a very interesting and cool place.

Back to Fiji

We came back to Fiji after a short trip we took to New Zealand to kill time while our boat was getting fixed. After three plane rides from Queenstown to Suva we got to stay at a hotel. The first day we went to a hotel after we arrived. It looked great online but when we got there it was not as good as it seemed,so we switched hotels. The next hotel we went to was fancy and was called the Grand Pacific Hotel. They had a breakfast bar where they served every breakfast food you can imagine. This breakfast was a lot better than other breakfasts we’ve had because boat food is not great. I got waffles. It was the first time I had eaten them since we left home. They also had bowls of bacon, whipped cream in cups, and any kind of egg to order. I would rate the breakfast five stars and I want to go back one day for the food.

The second day in Suva we woke up at 5 am and got on a bus to go river rafting. River rafting was fun but it was not what I expected compared to the advertisements. The rafting was grade/class 1 rapids which are the easiest rapids so it was not as challenging as I would like.  The scenery was beautiful and we saw lots of waterfalls. Whenever we went down rapids we had to lean in the boat and after we passed people we high fived with our paddles. Also we did a lot more paddling then actually going down rapids and that got boring after a while but it was still a fun trip.

The third day we took a taxi back to our boat because it was getting put back in the water. Mom, Sara, and I went to a local market to stock up the boat. The market was very big and had more than 100 tables. We bought eggs, veggies, and fruits all of different variety. We then spent a night on the boat and headed off to sea the next day.

Right now we are at sea and we are going to Vanuatu, another island group and sea has been fine so far. I have not gotten seasick which is added bonus and I get to play the xbox again. We are sailing currently and we are projected to get there soon. I really hope Vanuatu is cool.

1/4 of the Trip Summary

So far we have been on our boat for 4 months. Now we are taking a break from our boat life and staying in New Zealand. While we are here in New Zealand I have time to reflect on the top three things we have done so far on this trip.

1) Surfing in Tahiti

In Tahiti we stayed at a marina for a week. In that week of time we discovered many things such as a major festival called a Heiva, the best pizza I have ever eaten, and most importantly beaches with waves. We tried three different beaches: one with black sand with waves that were too big, one with white sand and small waves, and the best one had no sand, only rocks and good waves. We went to this beach twice and it was very fun both times. It was like a good day to surf in ocean city except with warm water. This is why surfing in Tahiti was one of my top three things I have done.

2) The Bora Bora Hike

Bora Bora is very overrated. It seems like a place where all the rich people go, however, I did not find this to be the case. I would not say it was disappointing but it wasn’t as great as it seems. The only thing good, in my opinion, on Bora Bora was a hike. This hike was the only hike I’ve ever done that I did not finish. In fact, we tried the hike twice after taking a wrong path the first time. We climbed straight uphill for two hours using ropes to pull ourselves up at some points. It was a very big challenge but we did not get to finish because someone in our family could not make it up one part. We had to turn around and go back down. I was not happy because I could have made it to the top. This hike was extremely difficult but very fun, which is why it was one of my favorites.

3) Scuba Diving in Niue

Niue was a stop that was heavily debated amongst our family. It was either push through to American Samoa or take a break in Niue. In the end we decided to go there. This was a good choice because Niue was my favorite place. We got to go to numerous sea tracks with caves and we swam in a “chasm” which was the best swimming ever (it was also used in ancient times as a royal bath!) However, my favorite place on this trip that I went was underwater. Mom and Dad let me go scuba diving because I really wanted to go. We spent a while in “the classroom”  which was really just a wooden shack learning about the scuba equipment and how to use it. We then went to a pool at a resort and made sure everything worked. We then headed to the ocean in the back of a pickup truck. We were underwater for 35 minutes and we went 10 meters (35 feet) down. Scuba diving was very fun and we saw lots of fish, a shark and sea snakes. This is why scuba in Niue was my favorite of all.

So there you have it, We’ve been on our boat for a quarter of our trip and we’ve done many cool things but, these three were my favorites.

Fiji Update

Fiji 1st Impressions

We arrived in Fiji after a three day sail from Tonga. We came to Vuda Point Marina on Thursday and we could not get checked in to the country so we had to wait a day in the hot lagoon. When we finally checked into the country the staff sang a welcome song. The marina is nice. We have explored three towns Nadi, Denarau, And Lautoka. I got new shoes in Nadi (pronounced nan-dee).  Denarau is a peninsula with lots of resorts and stores. We are going back tomorrow for a waterpark and excellent mini golf. We next went to the city of Lautoka yesterday and we got food. In Lautoka there was a mall and we searched for the rugby xbox game (No luck). We also did a zip-line course on Zip Fiji and after that we had a nice Indian lunch, I am enjoying the different, Indian influenced food. Fiji so far is cool and we’ve only been to 1 island!

IMG_9793Fiji pt. 2

We went to the small but very touristy city of Denarau and the waterpark. They had inflatable slides and normal plastic ones. Sam liked the big green shark, Sara liked the blue tube slide, and I liked the toilet slide. It was fun. We ate lunch after an ice cream snack. I had ham and cheese pizza at a golf resort. We got there by the bus that went around Denarau called the BULA bus. We went back to the waterpark after that.  We played for more hours after lunch. It was even more fun than before. Sara and Mom got henna tattoos.  We arrived at the opening of the water park and left at the closing of the waterpark. We met Dad at port Denarau. We were going to go to the Hard Rock Cafe but we went to ‘Lulu’s’ instead because it was less crowded. I got sushi and it was really good. The food here in Fiji has been a highlight.



We got to Niue in the middle of the night and we got settled on a mooring. We kids were watching Star Wars but according to Mom and Dad it was tough getting on the mooring. The next day we skipped school to go on an exploration of town. The town was small and had few stores. After walking through town we ate lunch at a sushi place. They had good tuna and wahoo sushi. In the tourism office we found pictures of sea caves and hikes. Our greatest find was Niue Dive. We were able to do a “try scuba” course. It looks very fun and I cannot wait to do it. Niue is already cool and we have only been here for one day.


We explored the ‘arches’ and the ‘chasm’,  two main northern attractions on Niue. They were both very cool. The swimming was really great in both places. My dad said that it was the best place for swimming he had ever been to. The water was cold on top and blurry but when you dove down the water got a lot warmer and it became crystal clear. I later learned this was the salt water and the fresh water mixing. For details on scuba diving take a peak at Sara’s blog.

Cook Islands Post

We entered the Rarotonga harbor Wednesday, August 2nd after a three day sail from Bora Bora.  We had trouble getting our boat in the right spot inside this harbor but after 4 days of moving around, we Mediterranean Docked against the sea wall.  (see Dad’s blog about how that changed).  We have done bunch of fun things in the Cook Islands.  We have eaten yummy foods – Kai Pizza, Spaghetti House and at a variety of foods the local market.  My favorite activity was jet snorkeling.  Jet snorkeling is a where you snorkel except you are holding on to a ‘scooter’ which propels you forwards.  When we first got the scooters, there were 2 different kinds: one gray that was one steady speed (Mom, Sara & Sam used this one) and the other was black and had 3 speeds (Dad and I got to use these).  We had to learn how to use them at first and do a a tour,  saw a sea turtle and a shark, but at the end it got better.  We got to dive around and see a shipwreck that was a huge cargo ship sunk over 100 years ago.  The guides said you are free to play with the scooters at the wreck, so that meant I could go on the fastest speed.  I went through a small passage in between two parts of the ship and that was really fun!  Jet snorkeling is very cool and I hope I can do it again


Bora Bora Post

We finally made it to Bora Bora. It is a common myth that Bora Bora has crystal clear water that is greenish-light blue everywhere. However, that is not the case. The water is so deep in roughly 90% of the lagoon. The water is so deep that it just looks like murky dark blue water. When you jump in the water though, it is very clear and you can easily see your feet. The other 10% is the “good” water which is near the many resorts. The first night we got to Bora Bora we had a tough time anchoring but it was a cool place! The next day we moved to a mooring at Bora Bora yacht club (which has good wifi) and we went to town to play foosball in an arcade. I had a chicken and fries sandwich that was very unique. We swam the rest of the day. Today we will be going to Bora Bora coral gardens and I hope that it will be better then Taha’a’s coral gardens.

Max’s Highlights of the First Month

We have been on our boat in French Polynesia for one month now and here are my highlights of each island.

Raiatea: This was our first island and the only thing to do at our mooring was dinghy over to a snorkeling spot. At the time we thought that the snorkeling there was cool but now that we have been snorkeling in other places we realize that it was not that cool. Uturoa was the town in Raiatea and was the second biggest town in French Polynesia (the first being Papeete) and still Uturoa was smaller than Homeland. We have been back to Uturoa three times for gas or getting our ripped spinnaker back or for shopping but there are only about ten shops and three are supermarkets. Also in Uturoa we were invited on a rich yacht and we jumped off the top deck. Raiatea has been my least favorite island out of the five that we have been too.

Taha’a: This island was in the same reef as Raiatea so you would expect that it would be the same as Raiatea. But, Taha’a was better because Taha’a had coral gardens (see Sara’s blog post and our “Adventures in Taha’a” video which will be posted soon). Also Taha’a had the vanilla and coconut factory (see my other blog for details). Taha’a was better than Raiatea but was my third favorite island because all it had was coral gardens.

Huahine: This island had the clearest water so far and the place were we anchored we could paddle board over top of spotted rays and look down at them. This spot in particular was one of dad’s favorites and I can understand why; the water is so clear you can see the the bottom when it is forty feet deep! The main town in Huahine was Fare. Fare pronounced (Far-ei) is where we were surprised by a big grocery store. Huahine was my fourth favorite island because the only thing good there was the crystal-clear swimming.

Tahiti: On this island we kept our boat in a marina the entire time. We rented a car and drove the island. One day we went to Teahupoo the famous surfing spot and watched the humongous waves. The best part about Tahiti was the beaches and more specifically the waves. We went to four different beaches for shredding the surf and one of them was so awesome we went back a second time. I got a new body board in Tahiti at a surf shop and I used it to get sick tube. Tahiti was my favorite island because it had four surf stores and waves.

Moorea: On this island we got to use our tow rope we bought in Papeete to wakeboard. Dad drives the dinghy very fast and it is very fun, sometimes we even go faster than the dinghy. Also in Moorea, we went and swam with the sharks and rays. The sharks stayed away from us but the rays came close. The rays were lightly coated in sand and when I touched them I realized I could make marks on them by wiping off the sand with my fingers in patterns. I wrote my name on rays and me and my brother had a contest on who could mark the most rays and I won. We also met kids in moorea and there was a girl who was twelve named Lauren and a boy who was ten named Robbie who had hair like Dimitri. Their boat followed our boat and we play with them every day. Moorea was my second favorite island.

So far the places we have been were fun but i’d rather be in OC then at sea.

IMG_8510July 5th- (catching up)

In Huahine we anchored for several days near a reef on the south side of the island. After that we went to the biggest town on the island: Fare. In Fare we wanted to go surfing on the reef so  we went into a shop. The locals and the guide book said in the shop there would be a man named Teva. Everyone said Teva will take you reef surfing. We asked him about it and he mumbled things that could not help us. Mom and Dad thought he might be on drugs, so that did not work out.

Also, in the town there was a very nice supermarket. The market was just like the ones at home. It had all of the things we needed including a rare find: syrup! After we stocked up on goodies we set sail for Moorea. The sail was too awful and too horrible for words and I was seasick the whole time!

Once we arrived after a 10 hour miserable journey, we swam all day and we even found some kids to play with. Now we are in a marina in Papeete and we will stay here for a week.

June 28th-

After we went to Raiatea, we went to the northern side of Taha’a to a town called Tapuamu. We had to go to the north side because of strong winds that we needed to find shelter from. We anchored in Puheru Bay which was near Taha’a coral gardens. Later we drove our dinghy into the small town and with our bikes we explored. The town had less than 10 stores so it was quick to discover. Right when we were about to leave the town to bike to a bigger town we found a factory that produces oils. It was quite a cool discovery.

The factory smelled really good from the outside and even better on the inside when we stepped in. The man inside asked if we wanted to take a tour of his factory and we said yes. He showed us the vanilla plants and taught us how they “marry” the plants. Marrying the plants is when they pollinate the flowers by hand in order to get the pods to grow. They need to do this because the bee that pollinates vanilla is only found in Mexico. This means that the plants have to be pollinated manually or else they would not grow. Next, our guide, who spoke english in a heavy french accent, showed us how the vanilla dries. It dries in long boxes with tinted plastic roofs to enhance the sunlight. They use the vanilla in their vanilla coconut oil.

The factory also had coconuts for coconut oil which was the base of most of their products. They take the coconuts and they grind the meat out into little flakes. After that, they use the now empty coconut shells for mulch around their facility. The coconut flakes are put in a hot storage cabinet to evaporate the water out. Then, they put the dried flakes into a machine that separates the coconut oil from the dried meat. Next, they take the oil and infuse different plant blends into it. We bought a big bottle of plain coconut oil and a small bottle of tamanu oil.    

It was very cool learning about how the factory produces various oils. It was a very interesting discovery.

June 20th-

We arrived at Raiatea on Thursday, June 15. On our boat we can do many things such as swim, read, play, relax, and have fun. Over the past couple of days we have not done anything big, we have just done small things like going to town or trying to get to an island (we failed twice). My favorite thing to do has been snorkeling. We take the dinghy out to a reef. Near the reef the water is turquoise which means that it is shallow. In the deeper waters the color is purple or a neon dark blue. When we are at the reef we jump out of the boat and immediately we start to search for fish. The fish are not very big but they still are cool. The water is crystal clear so you can easily see the bottom. You can see the bottom even at 20 feet deep! Our favorite spot to snorkel has been in the turquoise water near the marina. On the bottom of the lagoon it is flat and there is white sand. It seems isolated until you see the rocks. the rocks are single boulders that have coral growing on them and fish swim around the rocks. We have seen wrasse which come in many different colors and they are about 6 inches long. We have also seen angelfish, damsel, and boxfish, to name a few. The best part about snorkeling is that you get to have an aquarium right in front of your eyes. This is just one of many neat things we will do and there will be more to come…




The Train Of Terror



We left lisbon at 8:30 to go on a train to madrid we did not know

what it was going to be like so we happily got on the train thinking that we

had good seats and everything but when we first got in it was terrible.

4 twin-sized beds that were squeezed in a dusty room smaller then

our boat kitchen. In the room there were the beds with scratchy blankets

and a dirty sheet of fabric that they called a pillow, there also was a latter

to get to the higher bed and a sink that you could not drink out of.

The first night I slept with dad because his room was more roomy and I

got to sleep on the top so I did not fall asleep until 11. I woke up

and went to the bathroom. The bathrooms were so nasty. So nasty

I cannot talk about them or you will barf on the floor and poop

your pants. Anyway when we got off the train we were so

relieved because it smelled. Bad.



One morning in Ponta Delgoda, Sao Miguel we decided to leave for the mainland of Portugal that night we left Sao Miguel and went into the ocean. The next morning I woke up and played the xbox at sea. It was a normal day but I felt seasick that night it started to get really rough. There were 15 foot waves and it sounded like the boat was going to break. This was the start of the misery. I woke up because a wave jolted  me onto a piece of bamboo and it hurt my back really bad so I got up and slipped on the stairs. Then I was seasick the whole day and there were a lot of waves and it sucked. On the 3rd day I got up and took a dramamine to help my seasickness.  On the 4th day it was extremely rough and waves kept crashing against the cabin window and over the back of the boat this was the worst day because dad said that we would get there today and we did not so I was sad, also mom and dad had to make a decision to go to further south to land or go to Lisbon; when I woke up I would know what they had decided… On day 5 I immediately looked out my window and knew that we were going to Lisbon! There was a big light house and it guarded the city and the river to the city.  Then we saw a bunch of porpoises next to our boat and it was cool when we could see the city I shot buoys and a bridge that looked the golden gate bridge with my slingshot.

Hiking Pico


In the beautiful town of Sao Roque we were on a mooring. One day we drove to pico we went above cloud level. It was very cold up there. Then we went into the visitors center where the workers gave us bamboo walking sticks and a tracking device to tell where we are. Then we watched a short informational video about the hike and the video said it was 2635 meters (roughly 10000 feet???) then they let us out on to the stairway of heaven which were a few stairs to get you to marker 1. In the building they said that 1 to 2 was the longest one. When we got to 2 we took a break and realized that the rest of the hike was going to be shorter checkpoints. Then we climbed and took a break a marker 7 when dad realized he didn’t bring enough water and we had to preserve the rest. Then we stopped at marker 12 which was the ¼ waypoint to the top. Sara and mom were getting tired. Then we stopped at 24 where sara and mom decided to go back but then they changed their minds but me and dad and sam were too far ahead to notice. At 32 we took a break and hikers that were coming down said at 38 it got easier then we made it to the top and went back down the mountain. The hardest part was going back down because it was very slippery.


In the beautiful town of flores we were docked at a small marina with no shore power but there were tons of adventures to do like climb the sea wall, explore the rocks, go swimming, or go to the amazing beach. At the beach there was lots of  green bamboo and the sand was volcanic and it was red and black. There was a small hut in the back but that was it. There was a strange river on the right side of the beach that had no flow and was filled with sharp rocks. The other side of the beach was a cliff and you could climb the bottom of the face of the cliff. Me sara and sam climbed it and it was very cool but suddenly The river started going very fast I went over to check to see how it was and there was a giant waterfall that overflowed because of the downpour of rain the day before. The cliff was the end of the island and it was huge and it was eroded a lot. The sea wall was about 6-8 feet wide and had 3 stages to it: the rocks, land of the jacks, and puzzle pieces. We went swimming off a pier and at the beach.. The rocks were very cool and me and Sam raced on them and we sometimes slip the penalty for falling off the Rocks was minor the penalty for falling on the land of the Jacks was major and the penalty for falling off  the puzzle pieces was death.

Max’s Bermuda Blog 🇧🇲

We arrived at night in Bermuda in St. George where we ate dinner and went to bed

The next morning me, dad, and poppy got up early to drive our boat to Hamilton we got there and went to elbow beach. Elbow beach had rocks that we could swim out to and we saw a big teal fish. Then we went to a festival and there was singing and dancing. The next day we biked to surf side beach and saw lots of Portuguese man of wars and explored an old fort. Then nay nay flew in and they met us at the buffet at the dinghy club. There was a game there and I won our family 4 hats and a pair of sunglasses. The next day we swam in nay nays pool and then went to the ocean museum and the zoo and the aquarium.



Today I woke up early for the 5 am shift with mom I drank a mtn dew to wake up. I mainly played my kindle but I still watched the sun rise and moon set.we motored mostly but put up the spinakker (rainbow sail) near block island. we went into great salt pond there were at least 200 boats anchored there. It is breezy and there are the occasional flies but otherwise its paradise. The water is clear,deep(45.6 feet),and refreshing its a little chilly but worth it.



2 thoughts on “Max Butz”

  1. Hi, Max,
    I’m catching up with you via your posts. I’m glad you have written about sushi and surfing! I’ll be looking forward to your thoughts about Fiji.
    School is started, and we miss you. I know you are learning a lot every day on your journey.
    Fair winds!
    Ms W-D


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