Martha’s Vineyard

This place is unbelievable!! Gorgeous, no humidity, and the streets of Edgartown just drip with money-LOL!! Its quite a sight- and I’m sure the regulars here are getting a sight from our crazy loud family (& Yes, for those of you who ‘know’-especially Sam in his crazy neon outfits & mismatched knee high socks amongst the khaki clad locals )!!!
Sailboats are everywhere in the harbor and the kids can swim right off the boat over to this neat little beach with a light house right on it. (yes mom, they have a pfd!)  They made up a game called American Water Ninja Warriors!  …with noodle walks, surfboard balancing, and jumping into blow up rings!  I was worried they would be bored on this trip, but not a second has gone by (in ports) that they have not found a new adventure!  Going to a Sand Castle Building contest today, renting bicycles, and eating lunch in town before a dinner meal cooked by Max, and a movie on the boat…

First over night sail


30 hours- light winds-big swells.  The family was over all bored-LOL and in awww of the ocean.   We saw 2 giant sea turtles (very cool) and had lots of biting flies on board (very UNcool).  The kids did fantastic, making GoPro videos (all which need to be edited or the viewer WILL be sea sick!), read books, bickered, the usual!  Lisa took 2 naps!  And Steve was up and excited and setting up the boat as we went along preparing for the dark night.  We all watched an incredible sunset, a moon rise, an d Sam and Sara took their first watch with Steve making it til 11pm (Sara) and midnight (Sam)….and boy are we paying for his lack of sleep today, with the little guy waking up at 6 am!!!!  Steve had to dodge a few boats going through the NYC shipping channel, but other than that a calm evening.  Max & Mom did the 5am watch, downing Mountain Dews and coffee to wake up!  We watched the sun RISE & THE MOON set.  We got to Block island around 11 am, and pulled into a incredible port full of hundreds of boats anchored and moored.  It is about 80 degrees. breezy, and the kids (and Steve) enjoyed swimming off the boat!    We stayed here all day & made dinner on the boat- its going to be an early to bed night for us- we are all pooped!  But what an adventure!