Cape Town!

I need to write with some pace here as I am balancing a final email to my family, orientation for my new crew, and an unknown “connectivity” window as we sail away from Cape Town! So forgive any errors and I will try to do justice to the past four days….

(and a big welcome aboard to our final crew member, Rhett, who took things down to the wire with a 10:30pm arrival onboard last night- nice to finally meet him!)

Cape Town has been on my bucket list forever, it is well know as a sailor’s town and put alongside Lisbon, Portsmouth, Sydney etc.. as the great sailing cities of the world. And it did not disappoint! Everything about the place is magical. “Bash” (nickname of fellow Port St. Francis to Cape Town crew member Henning) and I pulled into Cape Town around 3pm on Friday afternoon. We had a fantastic trip “around the Cape” and were greeted by some pretty blustery winds (first time I have seen 42 knots on the instruments) and plenty of seals and dolphins. After tying up the boat, we were joined by former Darwin to Durban sailor Sebastian (who goes by “Bas”- so yeah, there was that Bash and Bas thing) and we promptly enjoyed the amazing Victoria and Alfred Waterfront area.

From the moment I stepped foot in Cape Town, I was enveloped by the amazing electricity in the air- that Cape Town “vibe”- and really enjoyed all aspects of the city…

Some highlights:

An incredible “Table Mountain” hike on Saturday afternoon with Bas where we ended up befriending (and assisting) a church group up the fairly difficult “India Venser” route- the hike was spectacular, the payoff views were epic, and I can’t thank my friend Bas enough…

Each night we went to a better restaurant, and the food was great. Could write plenty more here (and probably will expound given how much down time I have coming)

Each night, as the crew grew- Anton joining us Saturday- Bas and his friends took us out and showed us the city they had fallen in love with;

Monday was a real “return to business” after the sights and sounds of the weekend. With less than 24 hours to provision the boat and make final repairs, I spent the entire day scrambling around and somehow managed a huge provisioning run to the Pick n Pay.

Here’s the thing- we aren’t stopping at St. Helena- so from here we go straight to Barbados! 5,268nm left  right now and counting down. Alyosha is stuffed with food, water and now fuel, and we likely (knock, knock) won’t see land for a month. This will be my longest stretch, but if and when I touch ground in Barbados I will have wrapped up this personal goal.

So more coming later, I will try to use my tweets to recount some more of the greatness of Cape Town.

Author: Sailing Alyosha

family of 5 sailing Baltimore to New Zealand

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