Done, for now…

I am sitting in the Port Elizabeth airport now waiting for a flight to Johannesberg, then on to NYC!

Alyosha completed her circumnavigation yesterday, after a very uneventful two days of motoring down the coast from Durban. We had plenty enough wind to sail, but with both the job and main now held together with duct tape I decided not to risk further damaging the sails.

Alyosha is safely tucked away in St. Francis Bay, a cool little harbor right next to world famous Jeffreys Bay. (Jeffreys Bay is apparently a great surfing spot, and they are a regular fixture in the World Surfing League competition.

For this final leg, it was only myself, Sebastian and Stu. (Blake went on to Capetown from Durban.) Given that we are in the middle of winter down here, the nights have become very, very long and cold out at sea. Throw in 3 hour watches instead of our usual two, and the anticipation of catching a plane and seeing my family again, and you have a pretty good recipe for 48 hours of sailing feeling like about 96 hours!

The people at St. Francis Marine (builders of Alyosha) were fantastic and all came down to see their boat again. I got a chance to tour the St. Francis factory, where they are building boat #23 and #24 right now, and it was pretty impressive. I also spent a little time watching the seals that are everywhere in this small harbor.

I have no idea when I will next be blogging, because I will be returning to work in the US and I am not scheduled to be back on Alyosha until December or January.

I am sure over the coming months that we will be putting out some videos of our year-long family sabbatical and this latest 7,000nm trip from Darwin so hopefully our readers/followers will find that entertaining.


Author: Sailing Alyosha

family of 5 sailing Baltimore to New Zealand

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